The Special Operations Candidate Development (SOCDEV) program is an elite Human Performance training curriculum designed to physically and mentally prepare the dedicated few for the rigors of all specified U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) selection courses.

SOCDEV implements a detailed and unrivaled scientific approach to elite human performance training and is unlike any other training program available in the civilian sector. This program and curriculum does not believe or partake in the prewritten process for the masses. Whether training remotely or in-person, every aspect of training is designed and tailored specifically for each individual future operator on student status.
Staying true to our mission, purpose, and our unrelenting 100% success rate, SOCDEV diligently interviews and enrolls only those who are truly focused and adamant about pursuing a successful career within the special operations community of their respective military branch. This program is for civilians looking to earn a special operations contract and for active-duty service members who are interested in taking the next step.

All SOCDEV graduates awarded with the prestigious “Push the Fight!” scholarship have successfully completed their specific special operations selection pipelines, and have gone on to successful careers within U.S. Special Operations.

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