SOCDEV’s “Push the Fight!” scholarship is in honor and memory of our Marine brother, MSgt. Tamatea M. Teai (“T”). T – to all who knew and loved him, was a highly decorated Force Reconnaissance and MARSOC Marine with multiple combat deployments. A legend within his community, T was a Marine who always set the bar high not only as a warrior, but also as a husband, father, mentor, and friend.

In the same manner that he would select his specific weaponry for the mission downrange, T would also use each of his numerous catchphrases with a purpose. He left his family, brothers, and friends with his latest and best catchphrase yet. “Push the Fight!”

On Memorial Day of 2019 [5-27-19], T was killed in action while keeping the enemy at bay in the shadows of Afghanistan.

“Push the Fight!” is a catchphrase that is very well known and used throughout the MARSOC, Force Recon, and Recon communities. It’s also all-encompassing and exactly how he lived his life. It’s more than just kicking down doors and taking the fight to the enemy. It’s how to live life to the fullest and face everything that stands in your way head on.

To honor his memory and legacy, SOCDEV has created the “Push the Fight!” scholarship.

The “PUSH THE FIGHT!” scholarship will provide the following:

Free training for all Phase 3 and contract awarded candidates with absolutely no cost to them. All expenses will be covered.

  • The Purchase of rucks, swim masks, fins, and all training gear.
  • Pool fees.
  • Gym/ weightroom fees.
  • PT uniform.
  • Active-Duty Military: Covers 50% of Phase 1 and 2 online training costs for all active-duty service members working towards earning a special operations contract within their military branch.
  • All travel expenses to our nearest beaches which are approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours away [Beach Training Evolutions]. Pre and post training nutrition will be provided on these days. (Phase 3: In-Person SRT SOCDEV candidates).

100% of all “PUSH THE FIGHT!” donations and apparel profits will go directly into SOCDEV’s scholarship account.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one would lay their life down for another.”-John 15:13