Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact and/or start working with a recruiter?

We strongly encourage all aspiring special operations candidates not to contact or visit a recruiter until they are able to consistently exceed the minimum physical requirements. SOCDEV will guide all candidates through the recruiting process and all requirements step by step to ensure complete success.

What if I have already started the process of working with a recruiter in hopes of earning a contract?

If the aspiring candidate has already started the process of working with a recruiter, SOCDEV will do a complete and thorough analysis of how far along in the application process the aspiring candidate is.  The aspiring candidate will be required to do a Physical Performance Assessment (PPA) in order for SOCDEV to measure and assess progress. This will help to prevent an unbalanced timeline or any misdirection and will ensure contract success.

Does SOCDEV sell or provide any prewritten workouts, fitness, or prep programs?

No. We are adamant about maintaining a 100% success rate. We do not sell or prewrite programs of any kind. SOCDEV meets both aspiring and contract awarded candidates at their current physical performance state (CPPS) and utilizes a thorough scientific approach to effectively design programs specific to each individual future operator.  Our unwavering pursuit of mental toughness and optimum physical performance goes above and beyond fitness and the prewritten process.

Does SOCDEV really guarantee a 100% success rate?

SOCDEV maintains a 100% success rate. There is a difference. Although we give all those who pass our interview and enroll the benefit of the doubt, we understand that this program isn’t for everyone. Meaning that we hold our aspiring and contract awarded candidates to the highest of standards. The level of character and commitment that is required to keep enrollment within our program is extremely high. This scholarship is not for everyone. Our candidates quickly realize this, especially when training remotely.
Aspiring candidates looking to earn contracts also understand that SOCDEV is not about the money, likes, and that we do not just train anyone.
If you are given a scholarship, it’s because you have what it takes. It really is that simple. SOCDEV graduates understand that failure is not an option, and that passing their selection pipeline is non-negotiable. All SOCDEV Push the Fight scholarship candidates pass selection.

Does the local In-Person Phase 1 and 2 Training fee cover gym and pool membership expenses?