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Selection Readiness Training (SRT) online, is an elite online Human Performance training platform specifically designed and engineered for aspiring U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) candidates and current contract awarded candidates.

The Special Operations Candidate Development (SOCDEV) program has developed the online SRT curriculum to both successfully and optimally prepare all online students for their respective special operations selection courses and career fields.

SRT online includes:

  1. One-on-one Personalized Coaching and Mentorship
  2. Daily Call Access/ Direct Contact with Coach
  3. Private Call Access/ Direct Contact with Active Duty and/or Veteran Special Operations Mentor (Phase 3 Candidates Only)
  4. Custom Training Designed and Tailored Specifically for each Individual Student
  5. Personalized Recovery, Sleep, and Performance Nutrition Protocols
  6. Academics in Exercise Science, Health, Neuroscience, and Elite Human Performance
  7. Private Access to Team SOCDEV Community (The Foundation of Team and Brotherhood Starts Here)

All SOCDEV students successfully enrolled in SRT online will receive the same high caliber programming and instruction as those who attend SOCDEV’s In-Person SRT Training.

At SRT Online, distance is not a factor and our commitment to maintaining a 100% success rate is non-negotiable.

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SRTPREP is the conditioning and foundational training phase of SRT. The primary goal of SRTPREP is to prepare the student to meet the optimal physical requirements necessary for a granted contract and entrance into their respective special operations selection course. For 10 weeks the student will physically train and be assessed on performance, discipline, strength of character, and leadership. During these ten weeks of training, the student will also go over numerous educational topics to learn the critical concepts of elite special operations human performance. Once the student has successfully completed the ten weeks of SRTPREP, they will immediately transition and move on to Phase 2.

Performance Training

1. Individual Movement Analysis (IMA’s) and proper exercise movement/ mechanics (PEM’s)
2. Running
3. Swimming [Water based selection programs only]
4. Water Confidence/ Underwater skills [Water based selection programs only]
5. Rucking
6. Calisthenics
7. Plyometrics for elite performance
8. Strength and conditioning

Academics [Exercise Science/ Physiology and Neuroscience]

1. Energy systems specific to training and the modern special operator
2. Neuromuscular and cardiovascular adaptation
3. Principles of adaptive strength, speed, and endurance training
4. Nutrition
5. Injury Prevention
6. Sleep and recovery
7. Psychological, biological, and physiological responses to stress and fear
8. Mental Toughness

Bravo week is the assessment phase of training and is in essence broken down into two weeks. During the eleventh week of training the student will be tested on all the academic topics covered and will move from a brief format of active recovery to full recovery while preparing for Bravo week.

The twelfth week of training is known as Bravo Week. It’s during Bravo Week that the student will be performance screened to ensure they meet the optimal physical requirements necessary to earn a contract for entrance and acceptance into their specified special operations selection course. During Bravo Week the student will also go through a detailed evaluation to see if they demonstrate the discipline, character, selflessness, and true passion necessary to succeed. Those who pass will automatically be awarded the distinguished Push the Fight scholarship and will advance to Phase 3.

Selection Readiness Training (SRT) is referred to as the Push the Fight phase of training. Here the students are now categorized as official candidates and will be trained to take their mental and physical abilities to the next level. It’s during SRT that the student will strategically learn how to conquer the rigors of their specific selection course. The SRT phase is an advanced development curriculum that will train and develop the future operator not only to surpass their selection course, but more importantly, to establish a solid physical and psychological foundation for a long and successful career within their special operations career field.

Introduction and Advanced Developmental Emphasis on the Following:
• Breaking Down and Segmenting the Selection Process Specific to the Candidate
• Intro to Fins and Advanced Fin Swim Training (Rocket, Frogs Jets)
• Neuroscience Specific to Mental Capacities/ Toughness in Relation to Both Physical and Mental Stress

SOCDEV’s SRT online phase will train and develop the candidate all the way up to their DEP (Delayed Entry Program) date. Active-duty service members will train to a specified date that will coincide with their official assessment timeline. A specific and detailed recovery phase will be assigned to both active duty and DEP candidates prior to beginning the selection assessment process.

Training PHASE 3

No Charge


[Training is Free of charge and fully Covered by the “PUSH THE FIGHT!” Scholarship]

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